Football Universe Game Privacy Policy

Football Universe does not know who you are. You are an anonymous person as far as the app is concerned. The app does not know your name, mobile no, email address, sex or any personal information.

We require a Player Name to play the Team Pool option but this does not identify a Football Universe user as the names are not unique (we could have thousands of people called Shazzer, Dazzer).

We record who picks which teams to win in the Team Pool, but this does not identify a real human being.

Terms and Conditions 

The Football Universe (FU) Application concept, idea, design, layout, program, text, images, graphics is owned by and copyright to Starsoft Limited. 

Football Universe is a game. The Team Pool option allows up to 10 people to form a team and then guess which EPL team will win each of the 10 weekly matches of the EPL season as these games are played. A Leader board shows the accumulated scores of each player. You get 3 points for picking the winner. 

Each player can create up to 10 of their own Team Pools, give the team a name and ask family, friends, work mates, people at the club, the pub or wherever to join their team. Each player can also join up to 10 other Team Pools that other people set up. The person who creates a Team Pool is called the Pool Boy (sorry girls, too complicated to guess the sex of people). 

Two other options – Head to Head and Who will Win can be played by individuals. In the Who will Win option, after you pick a winner of a match, the app displays which team the app would pick (based on historical data, fancy and secret algorithms and lots of real world knowledge) and also shows you who the crowd picked (we crowd source the data). 

We have a number of new updates in the pipeline which we will roll out in the course of the EPL season. 

Football Universe Disclaimer 

Football Universe and Starsoft Limited have no link whatsoever with the English Premier League (EPL), the FA, FIFA or any other Football body or organization anywhere in the world, or any Football tournament anywhere or any Football club. 

Football Universe is not designed to predict future Football scores with any accuracy other than historical knowledge and as such this application should not be used in any type of betting or gambling. If you use it for those purposes, you are on your own, the developers take no responsibility or accept any liability. 

We hope you enjoy this new Football game; we have had lots of fun developing.

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